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Music Releases

A personal fave, which got tons of airplay in Europe. About an attraction between 2 people who don't speak the same language.

A collaboration with Nile Rodgers, Jerry Barnes (Nile's longtime bassist in CHIC) and Melissa Sanley. Groovy!

Film and TV Syncs

Nurse Jackie, cover image.jpg
The Young and the Restless.jpg
Kiss the Bride.png
Newlyweds, The First Year Season 3_edite
Married To Medicine, Season 2.jpeg
Extreme Guide to Parenting, cover.jpeg
_Bodies Electric_ in Dance Moms.png
12 Dates of Christmas, cover.png
best week ever.jpg

Other Stuff

Making Sound Podcast feat. Alex Forbes.png

A fun chat with fellow artist, collaborator and friend Jann Klose.

Follow Your Dream Podcast feat. Alex Forbes.png

Robert Miller interviewed me in his very popular podcast, and played a few tunes we discussed!

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