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Photo: Larry Barns • Design: Deborah Melian

I'm thrilled to announce the release of my new album, Troubadour-to-Door — named after the cross-country tours when so many of us made music together. It's Pop, it's Political, it's... revealing as hell. But when it comes to songwriting, if you don't feel like you're spinnin' around naked, you're not doin' it right. Thanks so much for listening and sharing!


Huge thanks to everyone who came to the album release celebrations at the Auburn Public Theater opening for Dar Williams in upstate NY, and at the Bitter End in NYC. Fun was had!

Troubadour-to-Door Release Party at the Bitter End, by Carol Schuler.jpeg

Photo by Carol Schuler from the front row at the Bitter End

Troubadour-to-Door at the Bitter End, Oct. 3, 2023,2.jpg

Video still by Carey Eidel, shot at the Bitter End gig

Troubadour-to-Door at Auburn Public Theater, Sept. 29, 2023 - small.jpg

Photo by Juliette Zygarowitz at the Auburn Public Theater

Photo: Larry Barns • Design: Deborah Melian
Photo: Larry Barns • Design: Deborah Melian
Photo: Larry Barns • Design: Deborah Melian
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Troubadour-to-Door Videos

Here are a few lyric videos of songs from the album that I wrote solo and played acoustic guitar on. Enjoy!

As an unapologetic love-child of Dylan, Joni, CSNY and of course the Beatles, I was born to protest — and write  protest songs. This one flowed out the day after the Women's March on DC. And yeah, its message of choosing Love over Fear still rings true.

Recently I fell madly in love, totally out of the blue. This is a song of pure gratitude for that happy turn of events, coming as it did so late in life. I still get choked up every time.

This is the pathetic-but-true story of my high school "experimentation phase," which lasted about 25 years — a mix of romance and intoxicants (not necessarily in that order!) Many of my stupidest decisions were made under the influence... go figure! 

As a lifelong Dog Person, I dedicate this song to Petal, who like so many other "rescues," saved the humans they encountered along the way. Thankfully they live on forever in spirit.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I'm overflowing with gratitude for the wonderful colleagues and friends

who made this album possible!

First my talented co-writers: Jeff Franzel, Niko Greiter, Laurin Greiter, Noel Cohen, James Adamo, Kennan Keating, Loren Peled, Wendy Levine and Bill Katz.

Amazing musicians and co-producers (in addition to many of the above): Steve Skinner, Ira Siegel, Matt Anthony, Cliff Goldmacher, Kathy Sommer, Stephanie Cummins, and John Beltzer.

Cover photo by Larry Barns

Album cover design by Deborah Melian

Bitter End video and still images: Cyrille Petta / CEO Worldwide Films

Finally, huge shoutouts to Paul Rizzo at the legendary Bitter End and Carey Eidel & Angela Daddabbo at the Auburn Public Theater for giving me such cool places to perform!

Lyrics + Music = Heart

A bit of background: For the past 35 years I've been creating "signature songs" for a wide variety of performers and producers, featuring lyrics and melodies that grab listeners... and stand the test of time. Troubadour-to-Door is my third independent album as an artist.

After graduating from Stanford University, I was mentored by Doc Pomus (This Magic Moment, Save the Last Dance For Me). My first song placement shot to #6 on the Billboard Dance Chart, and since then I've had hundreds of releases, including hit singles on the Dance, Pop, Adult Contemporary and International charts, 300-plus placements in film and TV, and collaborations with a long list of talented writers and artists. You can check some of them out by clicking the links below.

Over the years I also penned two songwriting guides, and coached thousands of aspiring writers through the ASCAP Foundation, NYU Steinhardt, Gotham Writers Workshop and one-on-one. Nowadays days I'm laser-focused on pure writing... FUN!
Like my mentors and the people I admire most in the arts, I'm 100% committed to making this world a better place using whatever talents I've been given.

Thanks for checking out my site, and I look forward to being in touch!
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